Leaders of Industry
You don't just expose young people to your brand, you plant the seeds of career expoloration.
Tiggbee grows your in-person outreach programs while rooting your company in a much wider community. Your video content is a visual representation of what your business stands for and works towards. Through schools and educators, students are given first-hand knowledge on how their skills and talents may be used at your company.
Gain consumers
Create passionate employees
Offer new possibilities to students everywhere
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We minimize your time while maximizing your impact on our future workforce.
Our students are excited to engage with your business to get a inside look within your industry
Your marketing department can appreciate the lasting impact that professionals sharing their excitement in their work, in the products they develop and the company they work for can have.
Tiggbee works with industry partners like you to create and schedule pre-recorded and live events, interactive projects, live collaboration along with follow-up Question & Answer sessions.
How it works
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Set your event date
Students participate in your event with questions and/or projects
Respond to the student's most popular questions
Repeat and grow your audience and your brand presence
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Our Mission is to empower our students regardless of economic or geographic barriers with the hope and knowledge of the opportunities to be happy and successful individuals.
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